Translate several menu options


There is several menu options que not are translated to spanish. ¿Can I modify this content somehow?

Thanks in advance


You can use the URL parameter uselang=qqx to make the message keys visible.


With those message keys, you can then navigate to the respective page within the MediaWiki namespace

Example: MediaWiki:Bs-bookshelf-mainlinks-label - Demo BlueSpice

You just need to edit the page to alter the system message. be aware that the page will show the system message in the content language of the wiki. If the content language is “english” but your user language is “spanish”, you may need to append /es to the page name


Learn more about MediaWiki system messages at Help:System message - MediaWiki

Or check out the BlueSpice HelpDesk on “error messages” at 11 Error messages - BlueSpice Wiki

Please consider to share your translations with the world. Either by editing the messages directly in the TranslateWiki project (regular translation interface at Translate -; specific system message: Permission error - or by sharing the translation here on the forum, so we can add them to the software manually.

Hello. Thanks for the information.

My translate to incorporate to the general traduction to Spanish



Thank you very much!