MessagesEn.php is missing

I’m new here, looking for a wiki and have an installation problem.
I have uploaded Bluespice free 4.4.3 to a server via FTP and accessed it via my Chrome browser. I get the MediaWiki 1.39.7 icon. However, it tells me that the LocalSettings file is not found. If I click on the existing setup link for MediaWiki, i get the following error message:
[43b92e54fe3c603b18802d42] /bluespice/mw-config/index.php MWException: MessagesEn.php is missing.
Is there any help for this?

System info:

  • OS: ?
  • Server: Linux
  • PHP: 8.2
  • Database: MySql 8.0.36-28
  • BlueSpice version: BlueSpice free 4.3.3
  • Browser version: Chrome Version 126.0.6478.127

You can follow these steps:

  • Double-check that all files were uploaded correctly via FTP, especially the MessagesEn.php.
  • Ensure that your directory and file permissions are correctly set on the server.
  • Verify if there are any specific setup instructions or additional files required by BlueSpice that might not have been included.

Thanks for your answer, but its to late.
i have install the TikiWiki and looks fine.