Translation issues

I’m trying to translate some of the text for BlueSpice into Spanish and running into things like Translate - (not sure if you can see that, so I’ll describe). The term to be translated here is just “Modified”. To translate that into Spanish (or quite a few other languages) you need grammatical gender and number, but those are not offered. It does say “Label for modified date operator dropdown” so I’m guessing it is singular; I’m honestly not sure what a “modified date operator” might be.

Just in general, it would be good when a text consists of a single adjective either to provide more context or to set it up so that GENDER and PLURAL are offered, so that the code, rather than the translator, can deal with which form you need in the unspecified context.

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Welcome to BlueSpice Community Forums and thanks for reaching out to us in this case!

I agree with you that this description could really be better. In this particular case the message is a label for a selection field (drop-down) that offers options “before”, “since” and “all”. It appears in a dialog window in VisualEditor and allows the user to set the parameters on an element that lists pages. So yes, it is probably singular and describes a specific “date”.

We have an internal ticket in order to audit and improve existing translations and we try to comply with Help:System message - MediaWiki when creating new messages. My apologies if we fail with this sometimes.

Please feel free to reach out, just as you did here, in case you encounter any further issues.

Also thanks a lot to you and anyone that participates in - You are awesome!