Modify footer note at the pdf export of pages


I would like to change the language of the text of the pdf documents generated by the exporting option of BlueSpice.

And the text of “This document was created with BlueSpice”.

Any option?

Thanks in advance.

Too I would like to know if was possible to print, not the date of generation of the export, also, the creation’s date of the page.

Thanks in advance.


Too, I would like to know how I can hide the date of the PDF footer.

Thanks in advance.

It depends on your environment. If you are on the BlueSpice cloud there are settings pages for that.
Otherwise you need to create HTML pages as templates.

Thanks djagszent.

I may to have a new template with your information, but lastly the main objective about it, was to obtain the creation and/or modification date page, not the current date .
Any idea about it?

Thanks in advance

You somtimes can get the last modification date of the article with the meta date. E.g. replace

<bs:msg key="exportdate" /> <bs:meta key="exportdate" />


<bs:meta key="date" />

this only works for normal articles. Also it is only the date of the main article (when you do recursive or subpage PDF export)

Thanks djagszent

It was a valid solution to my needs.