PDF export with no pictures

Describe the issue / Steps to reproduce:
want to export a whole site with sub-sites (pdf-export)

Expected behavior:
It should generate a PDF with all pages and content

What was the error message/error log?
in the pdf are no pictures

System info:
view system requirements

  • OS: Debian 10
  • Docker Image
  • BlueSpice version: BlueSpice free 3.2.8

Thanks for help!

Hello md_esw,
welcome to our community forum! If you want to export a page with all subpages you need to select “include subpages” in the export dialog.
In the PDF, is a message displayed here instead of the images? Or what does the PDF look like? Can you provide us with a screenshot of it?
Do you see a picture on the file page itself?


i know how to export, i did it how in your screenshot. exactly.

In the PDF i see no pictures:

Hello md_esw,
thank you for the information about the system requirements. Unfortunately, we have noticed that you are currently using an outdated version that we can no longer support. In order to provide you with the best possible assistance, we would ask you to update your system to the latest version.
We would like to inform you that a newer version will be available soon (mid / end of February).
You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about the update https://bluespice.com/de/#Newsletter.

Thanks for information. After upgrade to version 4 now i have problem, my namespaces rights management and LDAP connection not working anymore. I get a few errors, so i deactivated LDAP and uses local users. But now PermissionManager i can’t use management with groups and set read and write rights to specific groups - how can i do that?

And is LDAP Supported with new version of Bluespicewiki?

I get only errors extensions not compatible with others…