Section links in PDF export


I have issues with getting links to other sections to work in PDF exports. If I create “A page” and add a link to a section by using [[A page#Some section|This link]] I get to “Some section” on the page by clicking the link. If I export this to PDF, I would like the link in the PDF to point to that section in the PDF (similar to if I click a link in the table of contents), but instead it points me to the section on the wiki page, not the PDF. Is there anyway to create section links that work properly in the PDF? I am running Pro version on premise.

I seem to have figured it out. Instead of using the format [[A page#Some section|This link]], use the format [[#Some section|This link]]

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Thanks for reporting. This is actually a bug. There is already a ticket (ERM33962) for this. It will be listed in the change log of an upcoming release once it is fixed.

Thank you for the information. Is there any ETA of a release of a possible fix? The solution I found only solved the issue partially. It works fine when creating the section link in wiki source mode, but when using the visual editor the link is always converted from #Some section to A page#Some section which breaks the PDF.

No, unfortunately I can not provide you with an ETA.

Do you know if a possible fix to the bug will enable the format A page#Some section to be exported correctly? If this is the case then I might not need to update each of our pages to use #Some section instead.