Security inside the content of the wiki, the articles

I would like to know if it’s possible to stablish any type of security internaly to the articles.
In my department there are many users and I want in some way that the articles can be assigned membership to a user group, in such a way that it can only be viewed and edited by said user group. That is to say, there are certain users who do not have to know the content of certain articles. Is this possible in BlueSpice? I’ve seen the concept of “Name Space”, but I don’t think it works for what I want.

Thanks in advance

Hello. I think I found a solution to lock the visualization of pages only a several groups, with the use of droplet of page access. The only problem is with the images that I to insert in the article. By default its name is formed by the title of the article and it’s possible to find at the search.

Thanks in advance

The underlying MediaWiki software is not designed to support much access control. BlueSpice improves this with Extension:PageAccess (the functionality you mentioned), Extension:BlueSpiceNamespaceManager and Extension:BlueSpicePermissionManager.

The later two allow you to set up a dedicated “namespace” for contents that should be protected permissionwise. This will also work for uploaded files.

Learn more about “namespace based permissions” here: 4.2 Permission manager - BlueSpice Wiki

I’ll read the information about it.

Thanks rvogel.