Formatting Links in Category overview site

Hi all,

on a category site there are all links to articles that are tagged with this category. So far it’s all fine. But the articles are always shown with the namespace as prefix.
How can I format the links to pages to show up without the namespace?

Thank you very much

Hi StefanA,

are you using BlueSpice free or pro? Also, do you want to do this on a code-level or within the wiki? I can show some workarounds in the wiki, but the answer would be different for free and pro.


Hi Margit,

we are using pro version.
But can you please explain it also for free version? This will make it easier to test in first stage.
I can do it on code-level but also it would be fine if this can be done (configuration?) in GUI.

Have a nice weekend.


Hi @mlink-rodrigue, can you please provide the above mentioned workarounds?

Thank you.

You could hide the default output of the pages in MediaWiki:Common.css:

.mw-category-generated #mw-pages {display:none}

Then add your own output via Extension:HeaderFooter. To do so, create page
MediaWiki:Hf-nsheader-Kategorie and query the pages in that category.
In BS Pro using Semantic MediaWiki, add:
to MediaWiki:Hf-nsheader-Kategorie

{{#ask: [[Category:{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Modification date::+]]

In BS Free (via Extension:DPL3):

<div class="dplcategory">

For the DPL3 output, you might have to adjust the css as well to get a nice column layout (in common.css):

/*dpl column layout - avoid header orphans */
.dplcategory {-webkit-column-count:3;column-count:3;}
.dplcategory .mw-category .mw-category-group {display:block}
.dplcategory .mw-category-group {margin:0 2em 2em 2em;}
.dplcategory .mw-category-group h3 {break-after:avoid}
.dplcategory .mw-category-group h3 {margin:0 0 0.3em; border-bottom:1px solid #e2e2e2}

Hope this helps.