LDAPStack in Bluespice 4.4

Describe the issue / Steps to reproduce:
When upgrading the Bluespice 4.4, my ldap auth stops working. I downloaded the 1.39 LDAP2 Stack but the
PluggableAuth login just does not appear. In 4.2 it works but that was before the major pluggableauth changes. I am aware of the changes to Pluggable Auth. To test that my settings are correct, I made a clean debian mediawiki, there everything works as expected. In Bluespice, the configured domain button does not even show up.
I noticed that extensions/BlueSpiceDistributionConnector/src/ConfigDefinitionMigrate/PluggableAuthMigrator.php and/or /extensions/BlueSpiceDistributionConnector/src/Maintenance/PostDatabaseUpdate/MigratePluggableAuthConfig.php write a pluggable auth config to the database, but only for SimpleSAMLphp and OpenIDConnect types.
The key DistributionConnectorPluggableAuthConfig in my bs_settings3 table is empty.
To be honest I do not understand what bluespice is doing here. Are you loading the pluggableauth settings purely from the DB, and if yes what is the correct format to store them in? Or the best way to get them in there if not using SimpleSAMLphp or OpenIDConnect? The same file-based config and json works fine in a pure mediawiki 1.39.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Expected behavior:
At least after adjusting to the LDAPStack changes (pluggable auth update), I would expect the ldap login button to appear.

What was the error message/error log?
No error messages

wfLoadExtension( ‘PluggableAuth’ );
wfLoadExtension( ‘LDAPProvider’ );
wfLoadExtension( ‘LDAPAuthentication2’ );
$wgPluggableAuth_EnableLocalLogin = true;
$wgPluggableAuth_Config[‘Log In (MyDomain)’] = [
‘plugin’ => ‘LDAPAuthentication2’,
‘data’ => [
‘domain’ => ‘my.domain.com

System info:
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  • OS: Debian 12
  • Server: Apache 2.4
  • PHP: 8.2.20
  • Database: MariaDB 10.5
  • BlueSpice version: BlueSpice free 4.4.0
  • Browser version: Firefox 127.0.2

I made some more progress here.
It looks like BlueSpiceDistributionConnector/src/ConfigDefinition/PluggableAuth is causing this issues for me. When I deleted that folder, the PluggableAuth worked as expected.
If I had to guess, the paid version has some alternative way to set the PluggableAuth config that gets written into the database, instead of using the configuration files. Do I need that config overriding in the free version? What’s the point of the ConfigDefintion for PluggableAuth in the context of the free version?
Even though I now hacked it to work, I would like to understand possible side effects and what the developers would recommend someone like me to do, so that I don’t run into future issues.