Automatic backup of installation when I star the container of BlueSpice in Docker

I have the last docker official version of BlueSpice.

Normally, when I have to stop the container, and I see the logs, I found:

“Old installation detected! Moving old installation to /data/backups/20240131110346”
“Extracting the new BlueSpice”

How can I control this process? Yesterday I find, all the images had disappear. I had to retrieve the images of the backup’s folder and to restore it.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Fernando,
cnce you have installed the Docker, you must copy the files/folders manually. There is no control process.

It is important to exercise caution to avoid overwriting important files or damaging the system. It is also recommended to create regular backups of important data to avoid data loss.

The backup and restore should not have any overall effect on the wiki as it is for safeguarding the wiki in case something goes wrong during the container restart or wiki update. The images should also be preserved as they are then restored after the backup as you can see from the “” script

In addition if you read the, you can configure the number of backups you want in the .env file, however the minimum number is right now set to 5

Hello jas.

Thanks for you respond. I have two questions about it.

1º) I don’t find the route that you show at my docker installation


I have a volume with the content of ‘data’ folder, but I haven’t a folder called install-scripts as subfolder of /data/www/bluespice/w/includes


  1. Every time I do a “docker compose down” and “docker compose up -d”, in the process I get a backup. Is this the normal procedure?

Thanks in advance


I think you are getting confused with docker image builder files that is used to build the bluespice image. So basically what you are seeing is not the actual path in the bluespice image.

Anyways, you can ignore the above and if you want to see the backup dir in bluespice image, it exists at /data/backups in the docker image. Assuming that you have updated the docker image to the latest bluespice version (which I recommend), then the backups should happend only when a fresh container is created. This behaviour is to ensure a fresh wiki is installed whenever a new docker container is created either by docker compose up -d or by docker run .... And I would suggest you not to keep the WIKI_BACKUP_DIR env var too high as it will eat up a lots of space.

I hope that helps you.