Visual Editor not loading. JS error thrown about WatchListDefinition.js file not being found

Describe the issue / Steps to reproduce:
vanilla install of BlueSpice 4.4

upon loading the visual editor fails.

Expected behavior:
visual editor should just load.

What was the error message/error log?
turning on debugging and you’ll get an error about the following script cannot be found.


The bs.watchlist is lowercase but on my server it was BS.WatchList, and this was causing an error. after I renamed it to all lowercase, cleared caches, etc all is well with the world…

on your server navigate to the folder:


there you should see a folder called BS.WatchList (with the caps).

Rename the folder BS.WatchList to all lowercase bs.watchlist

once this is done clear the cache, restart the server (if possible) and all should be good.

Issue has been solved in here.

FYI: This is a known issue on Windows server environments. There is an open bug report already. Reference is ERM34435.

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