Support for plantuml graphics

Hello. It would be really great if bluespice could support plantuml graphs.
Integration would be similar to the drawio one without the need for a graphical user interface as plantuml allows to do graph that a purely described as texts.

In edition mode, one would edit the graph “text”
In display mode, bluespice would display the generated image.


welcome to this forum! Thanks for your suggestion regarding plantUML. At the moment, we have no plans to add another diagrams tool to BlueSpice.

The already bundled DrawioEditor allows to add UML shapes (but has no option for text-editing).

I hope this info helps.


Hello. It is a pity as plantuml is very usefull to describe and maintain sequence diagram using textual descriptions. I agree that other features like uml “static views” can be easily described using drawio. supporting plantuml shall not be that complex as a media wiki plugins already exist to do so: